Anomalies in the Universe. Immersion in Deep Space

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There are countless unusual celestial bodies scattered around the vast expanses of the universe. A combination of various factors has turned some of them into mysterious anomalies, exceptional even by space standards.

Some of these objects are amazing exoplanets, strikingly similar to Earth, while others have never seen sunlight or experienced heat. There are worlds torn by continuous sandstorms, while others are covered by a vast ocean whose bottom is made of blocks of glowing ice. At the same time, in the depths of multicoloured nebulae there are giant stars capable of swallowing whole planetary systems, and millions of light years away from them jellyfish galaxies cut through the expanses of space with their shining stellar tentacles.

And today, we invite you to join us on a fantastic journey to the most incredible ones.

00:00 Intro
01:13 Teegarden b
10:52 The Most Anomalous Planets
26:44 Rogue Planets
37:15 James Webb (other worlds)
51:26 TOI-700 d
1:01:10 Horrifying Planets
1:13:12 Gliese 1214 b (ocean planet)
1:22:20 The Orion Nebula
1:36:37 Scary Planets
1:48:54 CW Leonis (a dying giant)
1:58:54 WR 102 (the hottest star)
2:09:29 Stephenson 2-18 (the biggest star)
2:17:31 The Milky Way
2:32:17 The Weirdest Galaxies
2:40:40 A Journey to the Edge of the Universe
2:52:15 What Will Happen when the Universe Is No More?
3:04:32 Ending

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