Online Video Upload Platform For Sale, Brand New Wordpress Website


Brand New WordPress Website. Video Upload platform, ( like youtube)

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  • Domain Expires Jan 31, 2025.
  • Hosting Plan expires Jan 31, 2025.
  • Members can upload videos/comment same style as YouTube.
  • Currently have Google Adsense ads to earn revenue, will be remove when sold and you can ad yours.
  • Users can also upload videos for free or you can have a membership fee ect.
  • Be your own boss & work your own hours.
  • You can edit this site to suit you and have 100% ownership.
  • Platform is WordPress. Domain name included is
  • Any Questions please ask before purchasing.
  • Site will be transferred within 24hrs.
  • The website can’t be modified while it’s in transfer to the new owner (within 24hrs).
  • You can edit this site to suit you and have 100% ownership.
  • Any Questions please ask before purchasing. Currently hosting is with SiteGround, fee cost for hosting depends on your budget. I pay about $80 per year for hosting and the domain is $30 per year.Activation link will be sent to your email address, please supply your chosen email address in (Note to seller).
  • Usually, the ownership transfer does not result in website downtime unless the new owner has a Cloud account or has an account located in another data center. In these rare cases, physical migration of the website will be required, which may cause service disruptions.
  • Sale is Final, No Refunds.
  • You can edit the whole website to suit you or leave it as is.