Public, Pilots & Government UAP | UFO Related Activity Reporting.

International Flying Saucer Bureau is accepting reports from the public and current or former Government employees, service members, or contractor personnel with direct knowledge of Government programs or activities related to UAP/UFO dating back to 1945. Also receiving reports from Pilots, Private and Commercial.

Please do NOT report secondhand information or hearsay regarding UAP/UFO programs or activities. Please encourage those with firsthand knowledge to come forward and share their information and experiences with International Flying Saucer Bureau.

International Flying Saucer Bureau may receive all UAP/UFO related information, including any classified national security information involving military, intelligence, and intelligence-related activities, at all levels of classification regardless of any restrictive access controls, special access programs, or compartmented access programs.  Moreover, there is no restriction to International Flying Saucer Bureau receiving any past or present UAP/UFO-related information, regardless of the organizational affiliation of the original classification authority, the Intelligence Community, or any other Government department or agency. Any classified national security information may be provided to International Flying Saucer Bureau in a secure form HERE

All witnesses who attach files to this report must acknowledge that by clicking the CONTINUE WITH REPORT button below, that those attachments such as videos, photographs, drawings and documents should not contain any compromising personal information or International Flying Saucer Bureau cannot guarantee your anonymity.

Examples would be as follows:

a. Naming a photo, video, drawing or document like “John_Peterson_UFO_Photo.jpeg.”
b. Naming a photo, video, drawing or document with your address like “123_magnolia_ave_sparta_nj.jpeg
c. Providing us with a photo of your house.
d. Providing us with your military record.
e. Providing us with a photo of your face.
f. Providing us with a photo of other witnesses’ faces with names.
g. Providing us with your “exact” geographical latitude and longitude in a photo or video or text document.

Personal information in the text of the report you submit is confidential. Attachments can be seen by other members. Keep all personal information limited to your report narrative and contact details. Upon the submission of this report, the reporter acknowledges and agrees that they forfeit and release International Flying Saucer Bureau from any liability, claims, damages, or actions arising out of or related to the content of the report including its submitted media, its accuracy, or any consequences resulting from its use or dissemination. This forfeiture of liability includes, but is not limited to, any legal, financial, or reputational consequences that may arise.

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)   and National Archives of Australia provides access to many government records on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs) through the National Archives Catalog and NARA’s  and NAA’s website.