WEAPONIZED : EPISODE #43 : Saucers, Bodies, Debris – The Lost Tapes Of UFO Whistleblower Col. Corso

Inspired by the sworn testimony of UFO whistleblowers, Congress is grappling with legislation designed to force the disclosure of materials, craft, and bodies allegedly collected from crash sites. The current wave of whistleblowers is not the first to spill secrets about UFO crashes and reverse engineering efforts by military contractors. In 1997, a high-ranking Army Intelligence official Colonel Phillip Corso shocked the world with his account about a Pentagon office charged with dribbling bits and pieces of alien technology out to major corporations and labs. The tech, Corso said, came from crashes near Roswell New Mexico. Corso’s book “The Day After Roswell” became a huge bestseller in 1997, the 50th anniversary of the Roswell events.

But five years before he released a book, long before he was known to anyone in the UFO field, Corso told his story to George Knapp. Corso also sat down for two lengthy interviews conducted by personnel associated with NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery Science. The interviews were recorded, though the recordings were never released. In this episode of WEAPONIZED, Jeremy and George revisit the Corso tale and take a deep dive into the unreleased Corso tapes.


In WEAPONIZED, Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp pull back the veil on the world of the known, to explore the unexplained. This multi-platform investigative series features exclusive interviews, never-before-seen footage, previously-suppressed documents, original audio and video recordings, and hard evidence related to UFOs, the paranormal, cutting-edge science, cover-ups, conspiracies, and big-time crimes. Original, groundbreaking conversations with government whistleblowers, spies, spooks, scientists, military officials, muckraking journalists, filmmakers, historians, artists, musicians, and major celebrities will cast a wide shadow through the other-world… and detail the human experiences that inform these extraordinary phenomena. Your curiosity will be WEAPONIZED.

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JEREMY CORBELL is an American contemporary artist and investigative filmmaker with movies on Netflix and Hulu. He is known for his documentary work exploring mysteries in the fields of UFOs, advanced technology and the “dark space” where science confronts the abnormal. Corbell’s films reveal how ideas, held by credible individuals, can alter the way we experience reality and help us to reconsider the fabric of our own beliefs.





GEORGE KNAPP is an investigative journalist, whose work has been recognized with Edward R Murrow Awards, DuPont, Peabody Awards, and 28 Regional Emmy Awards. He is the chief investigative reporter for KLAS TV (CBS) and a regular host of the syndicated Coast to Coast AM radio show. His numerous exclusives include his reporting on the story of Bob Lazar, the public coverage of Area 51 and Skinwalker Ranch.





WEAPONIZED is a presentation of Jeremy Corbell, George Knapp, Dark Horse Entertainment and Cadence13 Studios. Weaponize Your Curiosity!


*Live switch engineering by Zachary Ward
*Film editing and Creative Production by Michael Lazovsky
*Music by Oliver Lewis https://oliverlewis.info & Boomopera https://boomopera.bandcamp.com

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